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San Diego Maternity Photography Session

I love my job as a San Diego maternity photographer. Sunrise beach maternity sessions may be my new favorite! Waking up before the sun isn’t exactly my favorite thing to do. However, getting to photograph a sunRISE maternity session on a San Diego area beach, or anywhere for that matter is definitely worth it! The beach at sunrise is just more calm and soothing. San Diego beaches are some of the best and are extremely popular for maternity sessions. I absolutely love getting to create stunning maternity images for my clients and some of the most beautiful beaches you will find. Instead of the harsh sun you get at sunset, the morning sun creeps up softly giving a different, but equally beautiful glow. Sunrise San Diego maternity sessions mean there are less people around making the sounds of the waves much more prominent. This gives us the freedom to move around at the beach getting different shots of sand, pier, water, and rocks. I find this to be a more comforting environment for my clients as less people around mean we don’t have any ‘spectators’ around to watch our session. Less people on the beach, means less editing time for me! LOL . Also morning sessions are the beach are much easier to find parking!!! Ever tried to go to the beach in the summer? You can spend hours just looking for a parking spot. Thank you for allowing me to be your trusted San Diego Maternity Photographer.

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