Why I charge what I do….San Diego Newborn Photographer

Last time I checked, photographers aren’t millionaires. We are simply trying to make a living in an industry where so many claim to be a business, but the fact is anybody can pick up a camera and say they are a photographer. Most are NOT licensed or insured. Most newborn photographers have NOT taken courses on how to safely pose your baby. These requirements that I just mentioned, take TIME and MONEY. Time that is spent away from my family, so that I can invest in myself and my business and provide the best possible product for my clients. In addition to being a legal and insured business, I have spent time and money taking mentorships, online courses, updating my lighting and equipment. As a result of this, I have been able to grow. My posing is better, my lighting is better and so is my editing. Just like everyone else, I deserve to be paid for my specialized skill.

It hurts to see people ask for recommendations for photographers that “don’t charge and arm and a leg”. I do not charge limbs for my services, but I do charge a FAIR wage based on my skill and experience. I do not ‘take home’ every penny that you pay for my services. As you can see above, I put money back into my business, to constantly improve and provide the best that I can, as well as pay for other business expenses (phone, internet, electricity, editing software, rent, insurance, props, backdrops, education, etc, etc, etc). Those cute bowls I put your baby in, they cost money. Those soft wraps I swaddle your baby in? They cost money! I like to give my clients the ultimate experience. We discuss and collaborate on your vision for the session and then I make it happen. All you have to do is show up. For newborn, milestone and cake smash sessions, I provide everything, even down to the outfit! I do my best to go above and beyond your expectations. But I can’t provide the ultimate experience for free. And while I love being a full service portrait studio, as a business I need to be profitable and pay myself a salary.

I’m based in San Diego, CA and while I love this city, it is EXPENSIVE! Expensive to both live here as well as run a business here.

So here I am, putting it all out there for you to read. I’m being honest and transparent. That iphone you are using, how much did that cost and how long will it last? Photography is an investment that lasts a lifetime. I’d be happy to help capture amazing memories. Contact me today! www.cuddlebugphotos.com www.facebook.com/cuddlebugphotos www.instagram.com/cuddlebugphotos

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